Breathwork is for everyone! How can it help you?

  • Breathwork reduces overwhelm, worry, stress, anxiety, and uncertainty
  • Breathwork gets you outta your head and into your body, it’s the wormhole to presence
  • It allows you to let go of limiting beliefs, and the fear of moving forward
  • Tapping into our own breath allows us to create the space to feel, to respond instead of react in all areas of our life
  • Breathwork can be used instead of trying to escape or numb their feelings with food, alcohol, drugs, over exercising, or working too much
  • Breathing with intention can help with Burnout + Anxiety
  • Breathwork is a beautiful tool for parents, caregivers to improve patience
  • Individuals, classrooms, teachers, corporate teams, yogis have seen and experienced the power of breath with presence and amazement
  • 1:1 Sessions, Group Workshops, School Events, Conferences and LIVE events
  • Online or in person

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free breathwork sessions:

 3rd saturday of every month – 10:30 – 11:30am pst

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just breathe

Thank you for changing my life for me and my family. I am learning to slow down and creating time to just be with girls. I am . I am taking this as a opportunity for me to grow and learn to slow down. And breathe! Thank you for giving me these gifts.


We both really enjoyed and appreciated this beautiful Soul-gazing session!  From the pre-work of asking for a list of our most meaningful songs and the names of our children to ensuring we had an understanding of what the session was all about, your attention to detail was impeccable.  Also, the way you incorporated these details into the session was perfect…totally gave us both the feels!

The entire session flowed naturally from beginning to end.  The delivery through Zoom allowed us to try something new from the comfort of our own bedroom.  We really appreciated the private times during the session which allowed for some intimate moments.  At the end of the session, we were reminded of the strong connection of love between us which is needed during these uncertain times of isolation due to Covid-19.  Your compassion for yourself and others really shined through.

I highly recommend this Soul-Gazing session for couples who want to reconnect by letting go of the minutiae of life and focusing on what’s important: loving each other and holding space for ourselves and one another.  We can only grow as humans by being willing to try new things!

Thanks for taking the time and care to help us reconnect and strengthen our relationship.

With sincerest regards,


I want to show you when you
breathe, move, nourish and feel,
the possibilities are unlimited.
And that you my love, are truly unstoppable!

What is Pause Breathwork?

Pause Breathwork is a method where we use continual breathwork to release, let go and express the emotions in the body. Breathwork is a practice of using our breath to create the space to ‘feel’, to respond instead of react, to notice instead of numb, and connect instead of distract.

Pause Breathwork uses intention and integration as the foundation for growth, connection, healing and transformation.

The difference between PAUSE breathwork and other forms of breathwork is the intention of living with more awareness, connection, and living in alignment. Relaxation occurs, but it is not the sole purpose.

Pause Breathwork utilizes Integrative & Meditative Breathwork
Integrative Breath: Breath patterns used to create presence, release, notice or express emotions actively, throughout your typical day, and in your daily life.

Meditative Breath: Breath practice and patterns that are created with intention to release, express, or feel emotions. This practice is done on a mat, lying down with others or on your own music, mantras and reflection.

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