breathe + blossom, the beginning 

This is the beginning of building a connection with your own breath.
Explore, experience, and learn to use a tool that you carry with your everywhere.

Patterns and blends may include based on your completed questionnaire, sharing your stress, your current wellness regime AND what you desire:

  • Using Breathwork in Uncertain Times
  • Releasing Stress + Overwhelm through Breathwork
  • Breathwork for Productivity + Cognitive Clarity
  • Relaxing Breath Blends
  • Breathwork for Work/Life Balance 
  • Energizer/Shifter Breath Blends

What’s on the other side of your next exhale???

  • 5 weeks of personalized breath breaks sent directly to your DM on IG, FB, or text
  • 3 – 30 min 1:1 breathwork fusion sessions during the 3 week period

$147.00 currency based on country of residence
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breathe + blossom, the beginning 

Calling all women….moms, or not!
Whether its to break the binge to end emotional eating, get rid of stress, overwhelm + anxiety or create more calm in your  world, stepping into the life you desire and letting go al all that you are ready to.

just breathe