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Breathe with me

Monthly integrative + meditative breathwork sessions
Donation based event
3rd Saturday of every month 10:30-11:30am PST
supporting Black and/or Indigenous Organizations

What vibe do you want at your LIVE event?

Are you looking for a leader, a woman, an influener to: facilitate a workshop, breakout session, or host a mastermind? Be a speaker + create connection LIVE with breathwork? 

Energy mastery is the foundation of my coaching wisdom and breathwork practice. Creating connection to self and in a group setting, through fun, spunk, and sass is what I will guarantee!  Nurturing, stillness, and calm through breathwork and presence will provide the feminine energy to ignite transformation and change.

Speaking lights up my soul. I have always been a talker…..too boisterous, too passionate, too loud, too much. I have come to a place in my life to realize, this gift, this fire, this passion, this mess of struggle with food, my body, and just not feeling good enough, has given me a platform. A platform to share with other women that don’t need to get to their mid 40’s to figure it ou!

I truly want to inspire and invite women to live + create their own dreams, follow their own path – all, while being a mom, an entrepreneur, a wife, a sister, and a daughter.

Here’s a quiz for ya….

If the answer is YES to all of them, then keep scrolling, I am not the woman, the coach, the leader for you! BUT if you answer NO, to any one of them, than I want to SAY hell yeah……let’s work together!

  1. Are you showing up as the woman that you want to be, in the life you want to create?
  2. Are you showing up as the wife, girlfriend, partner, in the relationship or marriage that you want to create?
  3. Are you showing up as the mom, the sister, the daughter, the friend in those relationships that you want to create?
  4. Are you living the life you desire?

Tell me….DM me on IG or CLICK here and let me know your answers!

My commitment to you, what you should expect from one of my live events and when you work with me:

  • You will be noticed, feel special and be heard
  • You will feel inspired, and feel the energy of creation of other like-minded women
  • You will become ready to LIVE in the NOW
  • You will let go of the uncertainty and the beliefs that have been whispering and screaming “it’s too hard”, “I can’t do it”, or “what if I fail?”
  • You will feel alive
  • You will learn the tools and the strategies to create, decide, and become all that you wanted
  • You will feel the lightness on this journey of self discovery
  • You will KNOW and FEEL that there is nothing stopping you!
  • You will experience integrative breathwork

YOU will be a part of an empire of women, changing the world, one moment at a time.

Have an upcoming event? I would love to be a part of it!

Past events I have been involved with: