Calling all women, ALL moms, searching for freedom, the desire to slow down and to live in the now.

If you have been waiting for the right moment, for things to be perfect, before taking that leap, dreaming and stopping, before going all in, then you need to listen to this podcast.

Each episode of the Reel Life Freedom podcast provides connection, encouragement & practical tools to help women and moms around the world let go of the ‘what ifs?’ and start creating the life they have only dreamed of.  We talk about the tough issues and have uncomfortable conversations about social injustice and the ease and flow of just ‘being’.

My podcast is all about sharing women’s stories, as I share more layers of my own.  As a wife and a mother of three boys, I know exactly what it’s like to “lose yourself” AND what’s possible, when we, as women, some of us moms, put themselves at the top of their to do list. I am a dreamer, I am nurturing, and I share a little side of SASS that just might inspire you to start living your best life. I am learning to grow and love like a Mama and I gently invite you to love yourself too, end the waiting game, and BE free. Listen as I guide you week after week, adding a little feeling of luxury, femininity, and energy into your everyday.