Relaxation, rejuvenation and restoration
for the soul and your body…

What you will experience at a reel life freedom retreat?

You get to leave the lists, their worries, their family, and the struggles behind.  There is an opening, a desire to feel a little more to let go the ‘things’ that have been holding you back. YOU, and other women will feel the embrace the opportunity for self-love, inspiration, and growth! And the best thing….. there is connection within, and with the other amazing women.  These weekends are the foundation of true transformation through coaching & breathwork.

THIS is it…..check out the possibility!

Every year I host a retreat for women! WHY? Because I want to shift, impact, and inspire other women just like me.  Whether it is a battle with food and your body, not feeling good enough, living in the land of perfectionism, or just wanting escape to recalibrate, this is the experience for you.

The world is coming together, join me in Fall 2021 on Vancouver Island!

Visualize this…..

You will be treated to a massage, get to enjoy a hot tub, you will experience movement (yoga infused, core classes, cardio + strength).

You will experience breathwork everyday, integrative to create calm within + the meditative kind to heal all that is holding you back from living the life you desire.   

You will get downtime, alone time, so many sacred moments to yourself  to reflect, to feel, to rest and be still.   

You will share in the one daily group coaching session.

There are limited spots for this retreat! This is a VIP event where every day of the retreat, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, there will be time with me.  In these individual sessions, you get to explore your truth + create action plans to integrate into your world when you return home.

You will given opportunties to walk on the beach, enjoy nature + open up to choose to live the best life you deserve.

September 24th-27th AND September 30th-October 3rd…ALL the details are at your fingertips!

The Moms retreat was an event was just that for me.. A true milestone that became a turning point for discovery and growth. Cheryl was able to harness our energy to focus on topics that brought up a lot of curiosity about how it feels to be women, wives, mothers and children. By the end of event, I was fully nourished both in my body, mind, heart and lungs. What a better way to engage in self care than a complete get away to create space.


Last year I did something I have never done before in my life, I went to a 4 day retreat that was all about mom’s and taking time out for ourselves to work on being our best selves, what we wanted out of our lives and experiencing some luxury. It is one of the best things I have ever done for myself and has had profound impacts for me. Now…it was not like a spa holiday if that is what you are thinking, it was better…read more


Photos from some of our retreats