Lightening the Mother Load workshop will include:

  • 3 hours of letting go of the lists, the to do’s and the overwhelm,
  • 5 key things you must do to stop just surviving + feeling soooo stressed
  • Candid conversation about ‘mom guilt’ and strategies overcome it
  • FOCUSING and getting solid on what you want, desire + deserve!
  • Supportive container to foster connection and build relationships
  • Openning up the convo about our relationships, marriage and yup, ‘sex’
  • Learning how your own self care, impacts everyone around you
  • The impact of Burnout to your body, your mind + your soul
  • Giving too much, people pleasing and the destruction that is associated with it
  • The art of asking, receiving, and creating boundaries…..
  • Creating, expressive connection with children of all ages, from toddler to teens
  • We will laugh, likely shed some tears, + we will breathe!
  • 15% of all proceeds to Black and/or Indigenous Mom Organizations
  • Tag a mom friend and do it together, we all need a little love.

Coming Soon….Spring 2021

just breathe